We are a professional organization of certified astrologers, upgrading astrologers and lovers of astrology, based in Atlantic Canada.

Our aim is to

  • educate the public about astrology – what it is and what it is not
  • help match clients with qualified astrologers
  • provide support and resources for astrology students
  • support our members with professional development and networking opportunities

All our Professional Members have undertaken studies and exams to become certified by an internationally recognized organization, or  have passed a standardised equivalency exam external to this organisation.

We also accept Associate Members, who are professionals, semi-professionals and  students, many of whom are working towards certification and  Supporting Members who are not interested in becoming professionals at this time but who have a keen interest in Astrology.

We love to meet new members and at this point we are not charging fees, so it costs you nothing to come and say hello.

Our next big event is a potluck and workshop  on vocational astrology (the best job for you) on Saturday, January 13 2018  at 6:30pm. It will be at a private home near Ashburn golf course – register on this site and go into the members area for address and directions!