Active Professional Members

Professional members are all fully certified by an internationally recognised examining body.

tamira Tamira holds a BA in East West Traditions &Astrology 2007 through Kepler College.

She belongs to OPA (The Organization for Professional Astrologers) and is the Past President of the San Diego chapter of the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR).

She writes a monthly “Silverdisc” Astro Lunar Column for Nourish Magazine and is a Founding Co-Director of APAA.

You can reach Tamira at her website

elodie2 Elodie St-Onge-Aubut is a French Canadian living in Newfoundland.

When she is not busy roaming the country side, Elodie likes to write and share her astrological observations.

She is currently bulding her astrology practice and you can find her thoughts or book a reading through her blog.  Her credentials are available at

Elodie may be reached at

mj Mj Patterson, BA BSC, BEd, MEd, holds a Professional Certification from the NCGR (Level 4) and is qualified to teach and examine students to professional level.  She has her own online school and runs a radio show at CKDU.CA Fridays 6-7pm.

Mj lectures internationally and is a specialist in rectification – the art and science of finding an unknown birth time.  She is a student of Judith Hill, Medical Astrologer and a member of the international InvestiGators Astrology Research group.  Elle travaille aussi en français.

She is a member of  NCGR, AFAN, OPA and the CAAE.  You can reach Mj at her website  You can reach her online Astrology School at

Active Associate Members

Associate members are professional and semi-professional astrologers as well as students of astrology, many of whom are engaged in an internationally recognised course of study leading to professional certification, or who are preparing to pass an equivalency  exam external to this organisation.

deb Deborah Clahane is a long time professional astrologer with years of expertise and a reputation for excellence.

She is in the process of marrying those excellent skills and experience to a certified professional equivalency.

 elizabeth Elizabeth Coates is a strong leader in the local earth-based community and knowledgeable in many areas, including education and event coordination.

She has completed her NCGR Level I and will be examining at the next opportunity.

 kelly Kelly Marney has many talents. She is a webmistress, a certified aromatherapist, a qualified yogini and a long time radio host.

She is now embarking on her journey to become certified as a professional astrologer.

She is studying toward the Level I NCGR certification.

 lisa Lisa Bland is a Registered Nurse and a specialist in lactation consultation and education.

She has strong skills in teaching and mathematics and is now embarking on her professional certification in astrology.

She is studying toward the Level I NCGR

 angel Danielle Angeline Reyes-Giacalone  ( Angel ) is the Owner of Angels’ Essentials, Founder of  Angels’ Academy of Higher Learning and Coordinator of  The Halifax Spirit Expo.  She is studying toward the Level I NCGR certification.

She teaches classes in Aromatherapy, Yoga, Stone Therapy, Mixed Media Arts, Spirit Painting, and Psychic Development.

Angel may be reached at

 cropped-apaa_small-1.jpg Julia MacPherson is a student of Tamira`s and is working toward professional certification in Astrology.

Picture to follow.

 elissa Elissa Caines is a student of Tamira`s and is working toward professional certification in Astrology.

Amber Moon Graveline is a long time astrology student with an eclectic background.

She is now looking toward turning her skill into professional certification.

 Active Supporting Members

Supporting members are folks who love Astrology and want to learn about its intricacies in a fun and supportive environment. There is no educational or upgrading requirement, just a love of the great art and science of Astrology!

 tiffany Tiffany Russell is a long time student of astrology and has recently decided to structure her not inconsiderable studies into a professional certification.
She is studying toward the Level I NCGR certification.

Past and Inactive Members

Astrologers and astrology students still practicing in our region, who are no longer active members of the APAA.


James Berry has his Level II NCGR and is qualified to take clients for individual readings.

He may be reached at


Sarah Peterson is an intuitive consultant based out of Halifax Nova Scotia. She considers Astrology to be a vital tool in both a professional and personal capacity, and uses it to help herself and her clients understand themselves more intimately, be more effective in the world, and build better relationships.

A self-proclaimed eternal student and teacher, Sarah believes that continuing education and constant, consistent improvement is the key to mastery of all things. Therefore, in order to improve on her knowledge and technical skill she is currently studying to earn NCGR certification.