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15 June — 2pm ATLANTIC — Chart Clinic $20 Non-Members


Chart Clinic Bring your birth chart and get a mini reading about  how  the transits are affecting you.


14 September – 2pm ATLANTIC – Steps to Success: Timing Trips for Winning Results – Inge Lohse


Electional Astrology is the branch of our science that deals with choosing the best date and time to do things. This lecture explains how to choose the perfect chart for your next sojourn, whether you are leaving your home for a dream vacation, a business trip, or even a job interview!  We will look at…

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12 October, 2PM ATLANTIC — Hit the Bullseye: Fractal-Correct Your Timing Techniques for Pinpoint Predictions — Ronald Tiggle


Since the 1980s, Fractal theory has developed and is being used by some physicists to explain the nature of the universe and by some astrologers to explain the Hermetic Principle in more mathematically precise terms. Since a fractal is a precise mathematical function that maintains its proportionality when calculated on different scales, astrologers have embraced…

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16 November – 2pm ATLANTIC – Holistic Locational Astrology – Moses Siregar


Holistic Locational Astrology is a system of Astrology that arose out of Moses’s 30 years’ practicing astrology and 20 years’ focused on Locational Astrology. It’s a modern fusion of Western, Jyotish, and Locational Astrologies informed by his experience working with thousands of clients and studying well over 20,000 places where his clients have already lived.…

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