Why Certification?

Currently in Canada and the US, there are no legal requirements for becoming a professional astrologer. So why go through the trouble of seeking certification?

Anyone can claim to be an astrologer, and some do so with very little real knowledge of astrology. While there are some non-certified astrologers who do a very good job, there are others who know very little.

Certification proves that an astrologer has a certain level of understanding of both the science of astrology and the ethics for astrological consultation. For potential clients and students, certification is a way to ensure an astrologer or astrological teacher has studied and will bring a well-rounded understanding of astrology to your consultation or education.

There are a lot of misconceptions about astrology amongst the general public, and for this reason, astrology does not garner the respect that it should. We believe that information spread by poorly educated astrologers is one of the reasons for this. Therefore, we believe that astrological certification is key in spreading good information to the general public about astrology, and correcting some of the widespread misconceptions about the art and science of astrology.